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Precipitation in China (1951-2005)

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daily interpolated precipitation for China, 1951/01/01-2005/12/31 (20089 days)


Data source: Original station data sets are from Data Center of China Meteorological Administrator

Time period: 1951.1.1 - 2005.12.31

Spatial resolution: 0.5 Lat * 0.5 Lon

Spatial coverage: Lon: 73.25E - 135.75E, Lat: 19.75N - 53.75N

Scaling factor: 0.00001

Missing data: -9 (after the data multiplied by the Scale factor)

Unit: 0.1mm

Fortran routine to read the data.

Archived updated gridded precipitation during 1961-2010 in NetCDF format
Digital boundary
CDC online realtime meteorological data